Video Streaming

ONTrack Media & Entertainment harnesses the power of online content distribution with our video streaming services, allowing avid race fans to view content from wherever Internet connectivity exists. Given the explosive popularity of online communities, live video portals, and web-based wagering options, ONTrack's video streaming services are the perfect fit for racetracks seeking to move their simulcast product into the online realm.  Having streamed over 275,000 live horse races online, ONTrack's video streaming services are an obvious choice of the horse racing industry.  Our flexible network can accommodate large numbers of connections while individually managing user-specific bandwidth.  Latency, packet loss and jitter are minimized via the advanced configuration of our network, and ONTrack's Network Engineers monitor network and usage statistics to ensure viewers have the highest quality possible race signal.

  • Broadcast in industry-standard Windows Media and Flash formats
  • Flexibility to select varying bit rates to balance quality with economy
  • Hit counter to monitor traffic and detailed automatic reporting system
  • Direct access 24/7/365 to ONTrack’s staff in our Network Operations Centre
  • Extremely reliable, with direct access to technical support for viewers
  • Quick, easy and convenient for users to access and use
  • Fans have instant access to information at the speed of the Internet
  • Wealth of user data can be harnessed to learn behaviours and create detailed profiles
  • A rich, online experience to increase track loyalty & fan retention, while reducing the likelihood fans will use third-party wagering websites
To learn more about our Video Streaming Services, click here to contact your ONTrack Media & Entertainment sales representative.