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ONTrack Media & Entertainment Inc. Announces a Breakthrough in Race Patrol Products

MISSISSAUGA, ON, November 14, 2011 - ONTrack Media & Entertainment Inc. (“ONTrack”) is pleased to announce the release of ONPatrol, a high technology, low cost addition to our line of race review products.

With a user interface designed exclusively for the horse racing industry, ONPatrol is a proprietary single-unit, multiple channel, digital video recording and playback system. ONPatrol fulfills all regulatory requirements for race patrol at a fraction of the cost of similar products.

For judges, ONPatrol displays all applicable camera angles simultaneously throughout the race and allows for both automatic and custom marker creation that can be immediately cued for playback at race completion.  Once recorded, race video files are archived on the ONPatrol system and can be quickly accessed for further review at a later date.

For operators, ONPatrol has an intuitive interface that includes key tools for race recording and playback. Playback controls can cue points of interest for review and shuttle controls allow for instantaneous slow motion playback.

For managers, with real-time, digital recording capabilities for up to eight video inputs, ONPatrol replaces numerous other devices at significant savings. ONPatrol’s single-unit, plug-and-play system is quick and easy to install and eliminates the need for recordable DVDs.

ONPatrol delivers an unparalleled race recording solution for operators and racing authorities alike – all in one box.

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